Life After Leaving School – Part Three: Going Straight from School into Work


Welcome to part three of our life after school mini-series. Here’s Davynna’s experience launching straight into the world of work after leaving school.

Going straight from school into work throws you into a whole new world: an adult world. Suddenly, you are presented with a brand new set of ‘rules’ that you are unprepared for.

Whilst school is great for directing you towards a life of academia, it may not cater for those who are not inclined to attend university.

In school there is support for completing application forms and writing appropriate letters to university but this is not always available when applying for jobs.

Learning to prepare my CV and write covering letters for the different opportunities on offer was my starting point. Applying for jobs online is one route and quite an erroneous task with very little positive outcome. Jobs that were offered were primarily commission based. The other option is preparing 100 paper copies of your CV and literally knocking on doors and speaking to managers up front until eventually an interview is achieved. This may mean going out of town or even moving far across the border to obtain a position.

With the latter comes another challenge of finding suitable accommodation at an affordable price. This exposes you to the world of letting agents who are very keen to not only take your penny but your bun as well.

The result of all this means the umbilical cord is cut bringing independence very quickly. It has brought with it a development of my communication skills both verbally and non-verbally. Negotiation skills, management of money and best of all how to present yourself.

Learning continues because there is in house training including accredited Management courses but there are no heavy university fees and accrued debts involved.

The final result: one adult with no debt, earning an income with an ongoing education and more opportunities yet to discover.

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