5 Things That Make You More Employable


Whether you’re looking for a job that merely pays the bills and passes the time, or you’re looking to finally take that step into your lifelong career, there are a few characteristics that all employers will look for in a future employee. Commitment, reliability, excellent communications skills and the ability to efficiently manage time are all exceedingly desirable and will definitely give you more of an edge at that all important interview! These skills can be achieved and demonstrated in many different ways, some of which will be explained below.

1.Take up a sport in your local area.

sportTaking up a sport not only betters you physically but it also enables you to gain more confidence as well as developing your leadership skills and ability to work well in a team.

Abegavenny is bustling with sports clubs whether you like, tennis, rugby, golf or something else. Places like the Abergavenny Leisure Centre, Abergavenny Community Centre and local sports clubs will definitely point you in the right direction.

2.VolunteervolunteeringVolunteering in your local area will enable future employees to see that you’re a committed and responsible individual. On top of this, volunteer work is an excellent opportunity to network with other individuals and get your name out there. The more people you interact with the more chance you have of being offered your dream job.

With the high Street full of various charity shops, there is always a chance to volunteer whilst remaining in the heart of the town. How about checking out Oxfam or Cats Protection if you’re lost for ideas.

3.Start a blogblogging

Keeping, managing and regularly updating a blog is a very time consuming task. Individuals who succeed at doing this demonstrate their passion for their chosen topic at hand but also the ability to efficiently manage their time. Plus, what a better way to show your future employer that you are truly interested in your chosen line of work?

4.Work Shadow / Work Experience

shadowing and work experience Taking the time to shadow an employee in a workplace that interests you, or even scoring a chance to take part in work experience will both show your dedication and commitment to learning (or to your career path) as well as teach you valuable information before you even begin work! You’ll be a step ahead of everyone else from the get go.

5.Learn how to use different software

software In this day and age computers are used in nearly every job at some point or another with a lot of companies and employers looking for specific skills in word processing (Word), datasets (Excel) and editing (Photoshop). Mastering even the basics of commonly used software will definitely give you an edge against your competitors.

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