Your National Assembly for Wales Election: Monmouth Constituency


We are now 63 days away from the National Assembly for Wales elections.

Make sure you’ve registered to vote, the deadline is April 18th, but it’s best to do this as soon as possible, you can do so here:

It is not my place to tell you who to vote for, but it’s important that you know the options available to you.

When it does come time to vote, you’ll have 2 ballots, as explained here. If you live in and around Abergavenny, you will receive one for Monmouth and one for South Wales East. Monmouth is your constituency vote, with the same boundaries as the General Election constituency. Today we’ll look at the candidates for this constituency.

(Please check our list on Twitter in order to follow all declared local candidates in our constituency and region).

Wales Green Party:

Chris Were

Chris Were, Wales Green Party Monmouth Candidate

For more information about Chris, visit his site:


Catherine Fookes

Catherine Fookes, Labour Party Monmouth Candidate

For more information about Catherine, visit her site:


Nick Ramsey

Nick Ramsey, Conservative Party Monmouth Candidate

Nick Ramsey is the current Assembly Member for Monmouth. Will you be voting to reelect him?
For more information about Nick, visit his site:

Plaid Cymru:

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark, Plaid Cymru Party Monmouth Candidate

For more information about Jonathan, visit his site:

Liberal Democrats:

Veronica German

Veronica German, Liberal Democrat Party Monmouth Candidate

Veronica German has been selected as both the candidate for Monmouth and Lead List candidate for South Wales East. You can find more about her here:


No Selection at present

Perhaps now their conference has happened, they will manage to select a candidate for Monmouth – we’ll let you know when we do.

Finally, Independent:

Debby Blakebrough

Debby Blakebrough, Independent Party Monmouth Candidate

Debby Blakebrough is current a member of the Monmouthshire County Council. She has opted to stand as an Independent candidate in the Senedd election. To find out more about her, visit her site:

That concludes the list of Constituency candidates. Next week we will give a list of the important Regional List candidates for South Wales East, and we will also attempt to contact all of the candidates in our area for a brief interview before the election. To stay informed, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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