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Create your own blog as a part of the Abergavenny Now network.

Our goal is to allow members of the community to share and publicise things that they are interested in, or activities and events they are holding.

Anyone in the area, individuals or organisations are more than welcome to create their own free blog as a subdomain of the site, like this one:

The blog will be nearly fully customisable, and we will personally install any themes on request.
Once registered, you will be welcome to use the blog however you wish (so long as you abide by the rules at the bottom of this post) – it can be used as a personal blog, or just an online presence for a group or organisation.

The benefits of using Abergavenny Now is that it’s free, fully customisable, part of a network where your posts could be featured on the main site, and we will offer support whenever you want.

To sign up, click here:

By signing up, you agree to adhere to the rules at the bottom of this page. You should choose a sensible username and subdomain, anything deliberately offensive will be removed. Once you receive your confirmation email, you should be able to validate your email address and begin to set up your new blog.

If you already know how to use WordPress, skip to the rules now.

You should be able to sign into your control panel at:
You should then be greeted with something like this:


First, you should click ‘change your theme completely’, or click Appearance to browse the themes. You can see what they look like by clicking Live Preview. We recommend any of the default WordPress themes (i.e. Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, etc.), however, if you don’t like any of these, feel free to browse WordPress’ free themes database ( and select one you’d like us to install and make available to you.

You can add either pages or posts. Pages are permanent and should appear in your menu bar – useful for a section like ‘about me’, or information that should be readily accessible. Posts are just the regular components of a blog. They should appear on the homepage with the latest first, but all will remain accessible. You will be allowed unlimited space to upload images, you can embed Youtube videos and many other options are available.

If you’d like any guidance with any other aspect of your blog, please get in touch with us by emailing


  1. You must agree to create a safe space.
    1. The following behaviour will never be tolerated (failure to comply will result in deletion):
      1. Sexism
      2. Racism
      3. Homophobia
      4. Transphobia
      5. Any other forms of discrimination, harassment or bullying.
    2. Derogatory or potentially offensive comments about individuals should be kept to a bare minimum.
  2. We will not deleted individual posts on blogs, your content is in your hands, but remember that by using our blogs, you are, to some extent, representing your community, and ours too. With that in mind, we will not tolerate consistent violations of the above rules.
  3. We will choose to publish some content from the sub-blogs on the homepage. We will always post it under your name and give all due credit. If something is selected, we will inform you and send you a link to it as we may re-word the posts slightly to comply with our editorial standards. You will be able to edit or delete the post at any time.
    1. If you do not wish to have your posts featured on the main site ever, please inform us from the outset.
    2. If there are individual posts that you do not wish to be featured, please tag them with ‘no-feature’ under the tags section. We will ignore these.
    3. You will retain all legal ownership of any content you produce, but when you publish content on your blog, you do so under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license. For more information, see here:

As ever, any questions or clarification requests should be sent to


About Author

Economics and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh. Outside of term time I live in Llanfair Kilgeddin.

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