Mindful Mandalas

12th May 2018 all-day
The Old workhouse studio
The Old Workhouse
Union Rd W, Abergavenny NP7 7RL
Helen Absalom
Mindful Mandalas @ The Old workhouse studio | Wales | United Kingdom

Mindfulness Mandalas

This wonderful Mindfulness session based around the creation of your own Mandalas is being run by the wonderful Helen Absalom.

During the workshop you will create and complete 2 of your own pieces (a choice of papers and mediums are available) and you will leave with the necessary skills to draw your own Mandalas independently in future, plus some patterns to help you with your own creations.

Mandalas have their roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandala – Sanskrit for “circle” – is both a symbol and a ritual. As symbols, mandalas represent harmony, wholeness, and the infinite nature of the universe. As rituals, the mandala helps facilitate meditation.

The creation of mandalas requires intense focus, stillness, and attention to the present moment – key components of mindfulness meditation. Mandalas always begin from the epicenter, and grow outwardly. Mandalas commonly include many concentric circles, and are often symmetrical. In the context of Buddhism, different layers of the mandala represent different aspects of the universe and cycle of life. Thus, mandalas hold great spiritual significance, and represent concepts such as compassion.

Mandalas, mindfulness, and well-being
Because mandalas require attentive focus and calmness to create and color, mandalas can help to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, and stress relief.

In the early 1900’s, psychoanalyst Carl Jung incorporated mandalas into therapeutic settings. He observed that creating mandalas helped patients resolve past trauma and current conflicts.

Spaces are limited and cost £15, to include all materials.
Please contact Helen on 07785951974.


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