Arts Abergavenny

Arts Abergavenny is an open and inclusive group for discussing the future of arts in its broadest sense for Abergavenny and the nearby area. Interests range from the visual arts – painting, sculpture, filmography, photography, digital media, printmaking, drawing, craft, textiles, etc; music, dance, theatre and opera; creative writing; public art; well-being through art;…the list goes on.

The group was formed from The 5 Yr Planning work for Abergavenny and District which highlighted that the opportunity to make more of the Arts is seen as a priority by many, including a broad cross-section of community groups, councillors and the wider public.

Arts Abergavenny aims to facilitate the promotion of arts together, beyond what is already done. For more information, or to join their mailing list, contact Arts Abergavenny at

AA Facebook

Facebook Group

  • The Arts Abergavenny Facebook group is for anyone to discuss and share ideas and plan towards future developments in all the arts in Abergavenny and the nearby area.
  • You can also share local arts activities and other things related to arts in the area.

AA Pinterest


  • The Arts Abergavenny Pinterest board is for sharing your own artworks, performances or projects, or just sharing inspiration and ideas.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, boards are a collection of images and links that share a theme or idea. To add a pin simply click a board, then click the red circular 'save pin' button on the left of the page. After this either click 'the web' to 'pin' a website link, or 'your device' to upload an image from your computer or the device you're using to access Pinterest. 

AA Artists Website

Abergavenny Artists Website

  • The Abergavenny Artists website is a local online hub for information relating to artists, galleries, studios and more.
  • If you're an artist and live in the area and are not already listed on the site, you can request to be added on this page.

AA Events

Local Arts Events

  • Click the 'Abergavenny Now' logo to view up to date art events of all types and tastes happening locally and nearby. You can also add your own by clicking the green 'post your event' button on the calendar page, or simply email
  • You can also hover over the 'arts' tab in our menu to click through to art blogs, art studios, music events, jazz and more.