The Suitcase Theatre Company presents a Dickens classic


What the Dickens are Suitcase Theatre Company doing these days? The answer is – Dickens! The Melville Centre’s resident adult theatre company has chosen Charles Dickens’ Hard Times as its latest production, in a fast-paced version for the stage by Stephen Jeffreys.

Though perhaps not as well-known as Oliver Twist or Great Expectations, the story of Hard Times is packed with classic Dickensian characters: the fact-obsessed headmaster Thomas Gradgrind, his wilful daughter Louisa, the grasping banker/mill-owner Josiah Bounderby, his totally posh housekeeper Mrs Sparsit, and the salt-of-the earth mill worker Stephen Blackpool. Set in the fictional Northern town of Coketown, Hard Times promises to be an evening of drama and pathos, presented with Suitcase Theatre Company’s usual style and quality.

Performances take place in the Melville Theatre on Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th
June at 7.30pm. Tickets (£8 and £5 for under-18s) can be reserved by calling 01873853167 or by emailing


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