Meet Fred: Borough Theatre Review “Witty and Self Aware”


Meet Fred is the journey of a two foot cloth puppet who just wants to get on with life and be a part of the real world. Of course with this comes a few challenges, and being a puppet is no easy feat when jobs, relationships and responsibilities exist.

Right from the get go, audience members get to be part of the performance, with Fred’s three puppeteer assistants staring out into the audience with as much bemusement as Fred has when he wakes up and realises his predicament.

From the time Fred comes alive to the end of the play the script is witty and self aware, with continual quips about the props, Fred’s puppeteer handlers and the audience themselves.

The Director (played by real life Meet Fred director Ben Pettitt-Wade) constantly comes onto the stage to help guide Fred and keep the story flowing.

At the heart of Meet Fred is a sense of humour that pokes fun at the busy lives we all take for granted, and shows that sometimes no matter how hard you try you will come out looking like a fool no matter what you do.


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