Why young people should take the time to vote


As election time approaches I got to thinking why young people don’t vote. Only half of 16-24 year olds are registered to vote. I understand that many young people are apathetic about politics but it really is important to know and it really is easy to understand- there are articles all over the internet to help you understand politics and manifestos. Voting takes up little of your time, it’s free and it will have a big impact! So why should young people vote?

Politics NEEDS young voices to help get our opinions across and to show that we have an opinion too. Young people will be affected by education and taxation decisions NOW so having your say is really important.

I know it is often said, but people have died for your right to vote. So many countries and people have no say in their governance the least we can do is use our right to show them the way. I know you’ve been told that this is important and that you’re very lucky for this opportunity blah, blah… but seriously, this is a fundamental right of ours that it has been fought for and people are neglecting it all over the UK.

Finally, if you don’t vote you can’t moan. Do you really have a right to moan if you haven’t bothered trying to change anything? So, if you are, or are going to be 18 by June 8th, make sure you get to https://www.registertovote.service.gov.uk/register-to-vote/already-registered and register to vote by May 22nd. Otherwise, don’t bother complaining.


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