Interview: Molly Brickley-Clark – Local Performer Turned Producer


In the wake of funding cuts which have affected the Borough Theatre, Abergavenny’s theatrical community has rallied together to raise awareness and funds to help save its beloved theatre.

We caught up with Molly Brickley-Clark, who is making her producing debut with the upcoming Abergavenny Star Players’ Jesus Christ Superstar.

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(Molly, furthest right, teaches choreography to the chorus)

  1. What prompted you to put on the show?


I myself am an avid fan of the theatre. I’ve spent so much time there that it’s become my second home. When I heard they were having financial troubles, I couldn’t not do something about it. I contacted Liz Davies (chair of the A4B charity & local journalist) to see how I could help. Putting on the show for A4B is my way of giving back to the theatre I’ve spent all of my life in.


  1. What would the effects of funding cuts be on the local theatre community?


There have been problems already. One of the biggest issues with the theatre is that it needs refurbishing. It’s a stunning building and a beautiful auditorium but the changing rooms could do with fresh paint and the seats need changing. These might seem like small things, but without the funding to fix them, they can turn into much bigger problems that are a lot harder to sort out.


  1. What can the public do to help?


Come and see the show!

You can also support the theatre just by going to see more shows in general, and supporting A4B as a charity.

People will only realise how much of a big impact it has on the community if it’s gone, and that’s something I really don’t want to happen.


  1. How does producing feel as opposed to “just” performing?


It’s scary, for starters. There are so many external things you have to think about that I never realised before. It’s definitely been an eye opener!

Although stressful, it’s also incredibly rewarding and so much fun – it’s definitely something I plan to do again in the future. But yes, I do miss the simplicity of “just” trying to sing and dance in the right order on stage…!

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  1. What has been the best part about doing this?


I feel like the best part will be sitting in the lighting box on Friday night and watching the final production, knowing that it’s going to be fab and has only been done in ten weeks or so. The cast and backstage team have all worked so hard for it. When everyone involved is so committed and helpful, it can’t not be wonderful!


  1. Can you sum up the show in a sentence?


“Jesus’ last week before the crucifixion.”

Although it is rather serious at times, I also have my father (Stephen “Snowy” Clark) dressed up as Donald Trump skipping around stage at one point… so there’s plenty of humour too! It’s definitely a show for all audiences. Really, it’s the kind of show you can’t sum up easily, so you’ll just have to come and watch it to find out more!

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Tickets are available via the Borough Theatre website.

More information on A4B can be found here.


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