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Welcome back to Abergavenny Now’s spotlight series where we shine a light on a local groups, organisations, sports clubs and more. This article was written by a member of LifeboatMHS:

We are LifeboatMHS. We are a support agency run by counsellors and adult educators for people struggling with mild to moderate depression, anxiety and related issues. Our aim is to equip people with the tools they need to maintain their own well-being.

Under the umbrella of Lifeboat are two branches of our business. We are a Workplace Well-being consultancy, engaged by employers to attend discordant workplaces to facilitate a more congruous collaboration within their workforce. Working with the workforce we address issues in both personal and professional lives to encourage a more harmonious environment to work in. Happy employees are productive employees!

The second branch of Lifeboat is about supporting people in their lives. We believe whole heartedly that everyone has it in their power to maintain their own mental health when in possession of the correct tools to do so.

We meet every Monday evening between 6 and 9 to chat and learn about the tools we can employ to manage depression and anxiety and to take part in arts and crafts with refreshments. We can offer emotional support, one to one counselling, Reiki and some practical support. We require a one off £5 registration fee and then this side of the service is FREE.

Meet the people

My name is Marcia, I am a qualified teacher/trainer, with background in languages, arts and HR training & development. I have worked in the private sector and central and local government, I also served as a school governor and elected town councillor. I have an extensive background in workforce management, work place well-being and employer/employee mediation.

My name is Michelle, I am a qualified counselor to Post graduate level with qualifications in Psychology, couples counselling and basic child and adolescent counselling. I have 5 years counselling experience in various agencies dealing with a wide variety of client issues.

My name is Teresa, I offer Reike at our Monday evening sessions to anyone who would like to try it and also a friendly ear to chat and support. Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing of the body and can work alongside traditional medication prescribed by your G.P.

My name is Tony and I am a trainee counsellor working towards my degree. My background is in tutoring and technology but I have found my calling in counselling and supporting people.

We have places ready to reserve by emailing for more information.

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