Labour’s David Simcock wins Cantref by-election


In the by-election for the town council seat of Cantref, the Labour Party’s David Simcock has won. This is a gain by Labour from the Conservative Party.


The final results were as follows:

David Simcock – Labour – 198 votes (45.3%)
Roger Fury – Conservative – 170 votes (38.9%)
Christopher Copner – Independent – 69 votes (15.8%)

The turnout was a rather disappointing 26%. Though given the limited options, I suppose that’s not a surprise. Hopefully a wider range of parties will contest future by-elections.

David had the following to say on the Monmouth Labour website (linked as archive, as page is likely to change in the future):

Abergavenny is a great place to live in and to visit but it can be so much better. I want to stand for the Town Council because I feel strongly about Abergaveny’s many unresolved issues including the long-running saga of the cattle market, overdue decisions about the relocation of the library, the upgrading of the Market Hall and the future of our much-loved Melville Theatre. We must also work to establish better bus to train links, particularly for commuters.

Hopefully David will be a good representative for Abergavenny, and will follow through on the above statement.

For the full statement of results, click here.

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