Life After Leaving School – Part One: Is University Worthwhile?


Welcome to our four part mini-series on life after leaving school. This series shares a few personal experiences of what we did after living in and around Abergavenny, to help you make the decision that’s right for you. We’ll give a roundup of the best things about doing a degree, taking a year out, doing an internship or going straight into the world of work. Enjoy!

  1. Freedom

University gives you the chance to be independent without taking the plunge into the real world. Yes that means cooking for yourself and washing your own clothes, but it also means having the opportunity to pursue the things you want to do.

  1. Self-Development

Being away from home gives you the chance to learn about yourself in an unfamiliar setting. You will learn to adapt and grow into an adult that’s ready to join the world of work. University offers challenges both socially and through academia which will help shape you into a better person.

  1. Meet New People

Studying away from home allows you to learn about different cultures, make lifelong friends and valuable connections that will help towards your career in the future. Whether you’re studying with other students in seminars, living in a shared house or flat, or taking part in a society, you’ll constantly be around new people.

  1. Learn more about the subject you love

Over your degree you will be trained into an expert in your chosen subject. If you are uncertain if the subject you choose is what you want to do, most universities allow you to transfer to another one, providing that they are related in some way.

  1. Better Job Prospects

Whether you know what you would like to do for a career or not a degree will give you a series of transferrable skills as well as show that you are hardworking and committed. A degree can help you stand out from others and get you a higher salary in the long term.

  1. Fun

University will give you some of the most unforgettable experiences, when you’re not studying you will have free time to enjoy yourself and have fun. Societies and sports clubs are available regardless of your level of skill or interest and allow you to try things you never would have before.

For me university was the most invaluable and life changing experience I have ever had. It allowed me to try things, meet people who I hope I will know forever and challenged me to grow academically and socially. I would recommend university to anyone with the opportunity to go.

Join us next week for Honey McKenna’s reasons why you should take a gap year.

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