£50,000 allocation discussed for Abergavenny Town Hall Community Hub


In July of 2016, Monmouthshire County Council met to discuss the allocation of up to £50,000 of capital funding to create a “community hub” banner, following successful trials and upskilling of staff in other areas.

The Council have proposed to base the community hub within the Town Hall (where the One Stop Shop is currently situated) and to expand the library, which is not possible at its current residence on Baker Street.

The old cattle market was considered as a possible site for the new library, along with the former Richards building on Frogmore Street, but both were deemed unviable. Due to the Town Hall being based in a Grade II listed building, architects will be required to come up with an innovative solution and design for the Hub that takes the building’s listed status into account.

Consultations have taken place with existing users of the facilities, the Town Team and Friends of Abergavenny Library, who are broadly in support of the relocation to Town Hall.

Those in favour put forward that basing the community hub within the town hall consolidates the services into one central, convenient location. It would also enable the upgrading of disabled access, which could benefit the existing facilities like the Town Council and Borough Theatre, allowing more residents to be a part of their community. Potentially, other businesses could be based in the hub that could enhance the facilities provided by the library and One Stop Shop.

The Council have yet to release a start date for the moving of the library and creation of the Community Hub, but wish to include and involve the community at every stage. If you would like further information regarding the Community Hub, click here, or contact Debrahill-howells@monmouthshire.gov.uk Scroll downwards for images of how the community hub might look when complete.

Hub Basement PlanHub Ground Floor Plan


Hub First Floor Plan



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