Abergavenny Food Festival Jobs 2015


AberLogov21In around 2 months it will be time for the Abergavenny Food Festival again. For one weekend a year, the town is swamped by thousands of visitors looking to experience the local cuisine, and that from farther afield. They all congregate in Abergavenny, “the gateway to Wales”.

This means that it’s time to start applying for jobs at the festival.

Both Arthur and I have worked at the food festival on multiple occasions and would strongly recommend it for all young people in the area. It’s a great experience, and you get paid to do it! The work tends to be quite enjoyable, and it gives you a chance to really feel like a part of the town. The hours can be quite long, but it is only one weekend, and it’s more than worth it – especially as something to add to your CV if you need to write one.

Applications are only open for people over 16 years old, and the closing date is August 23rd – but you should apply before then.

Jobs available include: General Stewarding, Box Office Attendants, Venue Assistants, Kitchen Assistants, Hospitality Assistants, Parking Monitors, Gate Stewards, Waiting on tables, Recycling Attendants, Site Assistants, Crowd Control Assistants

For more information, click here: http://www.abergavennyfoodfestival.com/get-involved/volunteer

If you’d like to know more about working at the food festival, ask in the comments below!

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